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WordPress Testimonials

We starting building websites in 1998. Back then, it was all html and the process was very tedious. Over the years we starting using various CMS engines from Frontpage to Joomla but never had much success. Mostly we were building sites for our own business enterprises. Then we discovered WordPress. Not only were these sites easy to create, people came to us to help them build their sites. We love WordPress.

I started blogging on another platform and found it easy enough, but I felt like I had no power when it came to the look, feel and overall aesthetic of my blog. Without programming or design training though it felt like there was very little I could do about it. Enter my move to the WordPress platform and the ability to enable all the changes, styles and looks I had always wanted. The power to make my blog how I wanted it and how I believe my readers would get the most out of it. The results speak for themselves and I am very happy to have moved to WordPress. It literally put the power in my hands!

WordPress has facilitated my independence, I have been able to travel and work, work from home and work from anywhere I can find a decent enough internet connection. It’s broadened my horizons and my network and been the cause of me meeting and working with some great clients, freelancers and even helped me make some really good friends.