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Charity Hackathon Recap: Video & Photos

Since we posted a wrap up post about the first do_action( ‘wordpress-charity-hackathon’ ), we have heard from a number of people all over the world who are interested in replicating the idea in their own cities. We will soon have a greater resource online that will assist people with getting their own do_action events going, […]

South African eCommerce Conference 2014 ticket giveaway!

eCommerce Conference 2014

The South African eCommerce Conference 2014 is, as the name suggests, a conference focussed on everything eCommerce related in South Africa. Designed to be an educational and inspiring event focussing on all aspects of eCommerce in relation to the local market, it is run annually to identify and give recognition to companies that show excellence operating in […]

WordPress Testimonials

I have been in the web development industry since it began and have developed many bespoke content management systems using PHP and MySQL. I always thought of WordPress as a bit of a blogging tool, which it was in the beginning, but it has evolved to such an extent that these days I develop all new sites in WordPress. To date I have only used WooThemes and enjoy the framework so much that I doubt I’ll be looking for themes anywhere else soon. I am still amazed at how quickly I can get a great looking site up and running.

WordPress is what got me interested in development though its openness and the easy access it gave me in managing and tinkering with my site, when the majority of developers I had spoken to were still pushing static sites. Today I have a successful business because of it and work in a dynamic development team handling far more than just WordPress projects, but WordPress is still central to our work and definitely a massive contributor to our clients happiness.

My journey started with building websites for my business clients on the Jo*#$a CMS. After quite a few frustrating interactions where plugging into the system was simply hell on earth, not to mention teaching clients how to use it, I went out in search of finding a simpler, but more robust CMS that would allow me the flexibility of extending it without issues and provide my clients with a simpler website management solution. I didn’t search very long till I found WP, after that I never looked back. The quality of the projects we worked on dramatically increased. I’ve created custom themes, built custom plugins and I’m learning more and more everyday. WordPress and the community behind it has helped me build a career that I’m proud of.