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The official home of all things WordPress in Cape Town, South Africa. We host regular meetups and workshops as well as Cape Town's annual WordCamp. Follow us to stay up to date with community events and local WordPress news.

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Charity Hackathon Recap: Video & Photos

Since we posted a wrap up post about the first do_action( ‘wordpress-charity-hackathon’ ), we have heard from a number of people all over the world who are interested in replicating the idea in their own cities. We will soon have a greater resource online that will assist people with getting their own do_action events going, […]

WordPress Testimonials

WordPress is what got me interested in development though its openness and the easy access it gave me in managing and tinkering with my site, when the majority of developers I had spoken to were still pushing static sites. Today I have a successful business because of it and work in a dynamic development team handling far more than just WordPress projects, but WordPress is still central to our work and definitely a massive contributor to our clients happiness.

I’ve been working with WordPress since the early days, and it’s been fantastic to see it grow into a mature development platform. I’ve used it in 2 different companies for client work, and now at WooThemes for building Plugins and Themes. It’s my bread and butter and it’s allowed me to see other countries, work with some fantastic people and have a lot of fun!

I’m in love with WordPress since five years now. I never stop working on it because it evolve every day, with lot of possibilities and flexibility to create the website my client want. It’s my favorite CMS, really accessible, easy to integrate, and the more efficient and simple way to create a project who combine quality and modernity. It’s the perfect way to build a custom blog too, with many great plugins. So yes, I really love WordPress and I hope to continue using it as long as I can be amazed by its possibilities.

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